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hider is a tool to hide text in images. You can also use it to decode messages from images that were converted with this tool.

Maximum permitted upload size is 24MB. The message length is limited to the size of the image you are using. (i.e. the total number of pixels is the limit of the message)

Uploads are deleted 1 minute after upload.

Windows Version

The official hider client for Windows.
Built with .NET Framework 4.5

Windows Version

Version: 1.0

sha1sum hider.exe:



Linux Version

The official hider client for Linux!
Built with Python3 and GTK3

Linux Version

Version: 1.0-beta

sha1sum hider:



sudo sh -c 'curl https://hider.purpl3.net/static/installer | bash'

macOS Version

Due to problems with libraries the development for macOS has been cancelled.

Development Cancelled